Secondary School

Mandurah Baptist College Secondary School is renowned for its strong academic performance and for being one of the safest and most positive school communities in the Bindjareb region. 

At Mandurah Baptist College it is our faith that informs our approach and belief that there is God-given potential in every student, and we therefore offer an exceptional education program where students are provided with opportunities to develop, learn and unlock their talents through both classroom and co-curricular experiences. Areas such as the sports program, our award-winning visual and performing arts programs, tutoring, excursions and study tours enhance our students’ learning experiences. 

“We offer an exceptional education program where students are provided with opportunities to develop, learn and unlock their talents through both classroom and co-curricular experiences.”

Pastoral Care 

Pastoral Care at Mandurah Baptist College means supporting the individual, spiritual and emotional needs of our students to improve wellbeing and enable positive growth. Pastoral Care is woven into all aspects of our students’ day-to-day experiences. 

Our Pastoral Care program and consistently enforced high standards of student behaviour aims to see students, staff and the College community thrive. Strong student support in a positive environment allows our students to succeed. At the heart of the College’s Pastoral Care program are the core values of Faith, Growth, Relationships, Excellence and Integrity. These combine to create a framework for students to discover and develop their individual skills, strengths and talents to achieve their personal best and beyond. 

Mandurah Baptist College uses a Positive Education ‘PERMAH’ framework: 

Positive Emotion – Experiencing emotions such as gratitude, love and joy 

Engagement – Immersion in relevant and interesting activities 

Relationships – A sense of connectedness and belonging 

Meaning – Purpose, helping others and discovering God’s love for us 

Accomplishment – Setting goals, celebrating success and encouragement 

Health – Improving physical and psychological health improves wellbeing. 

Positive education finds its origins in Positive Psychology. Martin Seligman’s research in Positive Psychology found that improvements in positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning and accomplishment (PERMA) result in improved wellbeing. These focus areas form a framework at Mandurah Baptist College for improving the wellbeing of students. 

Our Christian faith and values inform our belief in the potential of all students and fuel our caring College community, which we are renowned for. Pastoral Care is embedded in our four key pillars: Christ, Community, Character and Classroom. Below are some examples of Pastoral Care in action: 


A Friendly Schools plus anti bullying school, Year 11/7 Mentoring program, peer mentoring programs, year group socials, domestic and overseas educational tours, school wide lunchtime activities and camps in Years 6, 8 and 11. 


  • Links with local churches 
  • Guest speakers 
  • A thriving Christian Education program 
  • Staff and student prayer groups 
  • Worship assembly and a student worship band 


  • World Vision sponsor children 
  • Community fundraising programs 
  • Sustainability programs such as community tree planting and a native plant nursery 
  • Year 11/7 Mentoring and peer mentoring programs 
  • Protective Behaviours education that flows through Health, Christian Education, and the Pastoral Care curriculum 
  • A focus on building and maintaining positive relationships amongst all College community members


  • Pastoral care programs tailored to individual year groups 
  • A Head of Year staff structure in the Secondary School with clear support networks for students. Chaplains, Counsellors and Psychologist are available to assist students 
  • Clear leadership pathways for students 
  • Domestic and overseas educational tours 
  • School-wide lunchtime activities 
  • Identifying and developing character strengths 
  • Year group socials and Camps in Years 6, 8 and 11 
  • Upholding the College values in our daily interactions and relationships 


  • Engaging programs and learning 
  • A range of incursions and excursions 
  • A staff focus on positive and professional relationships with students in a safe and friendly environment 
  • A Friendly Schools Plus anti bullying school culture and curriculum 
  • Individual student attention. Teachers are aware of students’ individual learning needs, helping to optimise their development 
  • Clear and comprehensive behaviour management 
  • Caring and supportive teachers and other staff members who make the well-being of students a priority 
  • Pastoral Care Model  

Protective Behaviours Curriculum  

​Mandurah Baptist College Secondary School is committed to the National Child Safe Principles for Organisations, and to the protection of all children from all forms of child abuse and demonstrates this commitment through the implementation of a comprehensive Child Protection Program designed to keep children safe. This includes a child safe culture, the Keeping Safe Child Protection Curriculum, clear expectations in our Codes of Conduct and thorough and systematic education about protective behaviours and personal safety. 

Our Protective Behaviours overview can be found here 

  • Additional Parent information for Years 7 to 9 can be found here 
  • Additional Parent information for Years 10 to 12 can be found here 
  • For a selection of relevant support agencies in the community, please click here. 

The Primary and Secondary School Chaplains and our College Psychologists are available to support students in all areas of their lives and school experiences.