History and Values

The College was commenced after the successful establishment of Winthrop and Somerville Baptist Colleges in the southern suburbs of Perth. Mandurah Baptist College commenced as a high school only, with the first Year 8 students starting in 2005. 

At its commencement the school comprised 86 students, five teachers, one administration staff member and three classrooms. The College then expanded to include a Primary School, which commenced in 2008. The College’s first Year 12s graduated in 2009, and the College now caters for more than 1,300 students from Kindergarten to Year 12. 

OUR MISSION: “To provide an excellent education in a Christian context, developing life ready students who reflect the character of Jesus.” 


We are committed to becoming more like Christ in all we do. 


We are committed to continuously learning, improving, innovatingand striving to know and reach our potential. 


We are committed to each other, caring for and protecting the MBC community.


Excellence honours our calling and we are therefore committed to best practice and creating value for the MBC community. 


We are committed to knowing and doing what is right and behaving in a way that sets an example for the community around us.