Principal’s Message

From the Primary School Principal

Welcome to Mandurah Baptist College Primary School, a vibrant learning community where students flourish!  

Our flourishing student body is a product of our safe and caring College community, which is driven by dedicated, professional staff, proactive pastoral care programs and our commitment to putting into practice Christian values. We believe in the potential of all students to be and become their very best, and we are committed to cultivating their academic, social and spiritual wellbeing. Our positive learning environment is integral to fulfilling our goal of meeting the individual needs of our students and fostering a desire for learning and excellence.  

From their earliest learning experiences in Early Childhood Education, we focus on harnessing a child’s natural curiosity to develop a love of learning and to build essential foundations for numeracy, literacy and positive relationships. This is achieved through purposeful play, discovery, and an appreciation of the wider world. Our shaping of a child’s learning habits in these formative years, establishes a firm foundation for their future learning success.  

Throughout their Primary School years, our students are able to discover and develop their skills and talents through a range of learning opportunities. These include a comprehensive academic and specialist curriculum, individual and small group literacy and numeracy support and enrichment programs, music tuition, extra-curricular activities, physical education, interschool sport programs, school clubs and much more.  

Mr Rob Gratton

Principal – Primary School

We want every student to be enabled to achieve their personal best and beyond, and to step into their Secondary School years equipped with firm foundations for success, and the courage to strive for growth and excellence in all that they do. 

From the Secondary School Principal

Welcome to Mandurah Baptist College Secondary School, a thriving, safe and welcoming educational community that seeks to help every student discover and develop their individual skills, strengths and talents to achieve as they learn and grow as part of a supportive community. 

Through a comprehensive and contemporary curriculum that encourages students to be aspirational, to engage in learning and community and to challenge themselves daily, Mandurah Baptist College Secondary School seeks to prepare students for the opportunities of the future. 

An excellent range of course offerings, including great options for extension and support, as well as extracurricular activities including arts, sports, interschool programs, individual music tuition and much more, enables students to experience a wide variety of fields and find and develop their passions. Community engagement and opportunities beyond the standard classroom experience enhance the learning environment and encourage both leadership and proactive contribution.  At Mandurah Baptist College Secondary School, all of this is carried out through a positive learning climate consisting of proactive pastoral care with a focus on wellbeing and relationships – knowing that the high school years are critical in each student’s development, we are passionate about student engagement and care.

Mr Matt Dusci

Principal – Secondary School

Our excellent, dedicated staff strive to give each student the best opportunity to grow and develop, and to see them leave the schooling years life-ready, and reflecting excellent character. We look forward to welcoming you and your child here at Mandurah Baptist College.