Teaching and Learning

Mandurah Baptist College provides a broad and balanced curriculum which caters for the individual needs of all students, fostering a desire for learning and excellence. 

The Primary School curriculum is shaped and guided by the Western Australian Kindergarten Guidelines, the Early Years Learning Framework and the Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline. 

The Primary School curriculum learning areas include: Christian Education, English, Health and Physical Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, Languages (Indonesian), Mathematics, The Arts, Science and Technologies. 

Kindergarten to Year 2 

Mandurah Baptist College students begin their journey at the College in our Early Childhood Education Program from Kindergarten to Year 2 in a safe, supportive and stimulating learning environment. 

The College’s Early Childhood Education Statement of Philosophy, outlines the principles of our early years’ education program, which fosters a love of learning with a focus on building strong foundations within an age appropriate context. Our program encourages play, discovery and an appreciation for the wider world. 

Each child’s development and long-term success is optimised through a play-based curriculum that is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework, the National Quality Standards for Early Childhood Education, the Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline and Christian values. The individual interests and needs of each child are considered, so that each may grow and learn at their own rate. 

Fostering a love of learning with a focus on building strong foundations within an age appropriate context.

Middle and Upper Primary 

Mandurah Baptist College students continue their learning journey in the Primary Years from Years 3 to 6. These years of schooling at Mandurah Baptist College focus on consolidating the skills developed in early childhood and aim to further develop independence, responsibility and a capacity for social conscience through academic rigour. Students at educational risk are supported through targeted intervention from specialist support teachers. The integration of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) including support from a specialist ICT teacher, occurs across the curriculum and year levels. Students also have the opportunity to enjoy developing their skills and understanding in the Arts with specialist Visual Arts and Music teachers. Other specialist learning areas include Languages (French) and Physical Education. Music tuition is also available during the week for a range of musical instruments. 

Classroom teachers, and the Primary School chaplain and psychologists, provide a wide range of social and emotional support including Protective Behaviours education, a “buddy class” system, anti-bullying education, peer mediation and leadership training. 

Extra Curricular 

Mandurah Baptist College provides students with a range of different extra curricular opportunities. 

  • Numero Club: Year 4 to 6 students 
  • School Choir: Year 4 to 6 students  
  • Musical Theatre Club: Year 3 to 6 students 
  • Running Club: Year 4 to 6 students 
  • Storytime Play: Kindy students & Pre-school siblings 
  • Playgroup : Pre-school 
  • Junior Volleyball: Year 5 to 6 students 
  • Year 6 Winter Sport: Year 6 students 
  • Instrumental Vocal Tuition: Year 1 to 6 students 
  • MBC Lakers Basketball Club: Year 1 to 6 students 
  • Champions Cup Soccer 
  • Peel School Sports Association Interschool Sports 
  • Minecraft club Year 4 to 6 

Families can find out more about extra curricular opportunities for their children through the College App and by contacting the Primary School office.