Year 5 – Successfully Transition Your Child to High School

As your child grows, they face many challenges and milestones on their learning journey. One of the most significant changes they face, is the transition from primary to high school. Their sense of belonging and friendships may change, as can their required level of learning support. One way you can support your child’s wellbeing through this period of change, is to enrol them into their new school in Year 5.  This gives them the opportunity to grow and develop peer friendships and connections with teachers that they can take with them into secondary school without the same level of pressure they may experience a few years later.

Mandurah Baptist College sat down with 14-year-old Bryce Illingworth, currently in Year 9, who joined the College in Year 5 to talk about his journey.

What do you remember about joining MBC in Year 5?
In Year 5, the year I joined Mandurah Baptist College, one of the most memorable experiences was making new friends and all the current students making me and the other new students feel comfortable settling into our new classes with our new teacher.

How did the teachers help you settle into Year 5?
Joining Mandurah Baptist College in Year 5 was a positive experience. The friendly and welcoming teachers and staff made the transition into my new primary school very smooth and I felt very comfortable here.

How did joining MBC in Year 5 help make the transition to secondary school easier?
Joining the College in Year 5 made the transition into High School from Primary School much easier. I knew a lot of the teachers, some of which had moved up to teach high school classes I was in. Knowing other students and friends moving up with you was also beneficial in moving into High School from the Primary School; you had a friend group to rely on, while also having the opportunity to make new friends and expand your group.

What new activities and subjects did you get to experience when you joined MBC?
Some of the many new activities/subjects available that I was fortunate enough to be able take up at Mandurah Baptist College include Wood Technology, including learning all the tools and materials used in making the variety of projects available; Food Technology: acquiring the skills around the kitchen including how to cook, bake and about nutrients that the human body needs; and Soccer, as I had played Soccer before, although I had never played for a team or know the rules of the game. I was able to learn all the basics, plus other skills to advance in the game.

What do you like most about being a student at Mandurah Baptist College?
The greatest thing about being a student at Mandurah Baptist College is having such a wide variety of activities and options to choose from for our annual electives.

How would you describe your experience of Mandurah Baptist College in five words or less?
Supportive, companionship, encouraging, development and productive.

What would you say to other students and their parents who are considering MBC in Year 5?
I would recommend Mandurah Baptist College to other students considering transitioning here as the staff and students are eminently welcoming and there are an exceeding amount of activities and electives available to try out and pursue.

For more information on what Mandurah Baptist College can offer your child, read our Prospectus here.