The last year of Primary School forms a pivotal part of the school career. It is a time for students to be the leaders of the school, it’s a time for bonding through different activities, which all leads up to the final Graduation Ceremony at the end of the year.

There’s no shortage of tips and advice when it comes to the last year of primary school, but ideally, you should think about every part of your child’s last year. This means encouraging them to take advantage of every opportunity that is put in front of them. This could be a school trip, invites to sleepovers at friends’ houses or the chance to take a leading role in an assembly. This is the moment when memories are made; make sure your child grabs all of them.

When it’s almost time to move on to high school, many children start to become obsessed with the move; the same often applies to their parents! This usually means that they end up missing out on all the fun, and opportunities, that the final year of primary school can have to offer. This is a real shame, as they have a chance to make some fantastic memories, and enjoy their year of being ‘the grown-ups,’ before they must start again, right back down at the bottom of the ladder, after arriving at high school.

So, trust in the Year 6 journey Mandurah Baptist College has mapped out for your child, embrace orientation days and by all means, ask any questions you may have about the transition into high school, but remain present in the moment, encourage your child to enjoy their last year in primary school and above all, trust that God will be with them every step of the way.

Here’s to being the big fish in the small pond for just one last time.


Tessa Claassen, Year 6 Teacher