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We have a range of extra-curricular activities which provide quality experiences beyond the standard curriculum.

Our Study Tours enable students to travel in the accompaniment of staff within Australia and beyond its borders.

Biennially we travel to Canberra for an educational tour of our national capital and to other important locations in Sydney or Melbourne which are woven into the fabric of this country. The educational value of this tour is highly beneficial to the students as they experience firsthand some of the most important cultural, historical and political locations in our country.

International tours afford students the opportunity to safely travel and experience life beyond their own community and have included ‘A Walk in the Footsteps of the ANZACs’, trekking and service in Nepal and a cultural tour of China.

There are also numerous opportunities to participate in a range of extra-curricular activities within the arts and sports. This includes our drama club Dramaramah, our biennual school musical, volleyball where selected teams travel over east each year to compete in the Schools Cup, cricket, soccer, netball and much more.