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5 Tips to Help Your Child with their Literacy These Holidays

05 December, 2018

School holidays are a great time to enjoy a break from routine. There’s no school uniforms to wash and iron, no school lunches to prepare and pack, no missing library books to track down and no homework to supervise! But, while enjoyable, this break in routine can also mean a break in the development of your child’s literacy skills. There is an abundance of research that suggests that children often lose some of their academic skills over the holiday breaks. How can you, as a parent, prevent this slide and ensure that your child continues to develop literacy skills during ...

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Three tips on sharing the Christmas story with your child

22 November, 2018

Three tips on sharing the Christmas story with your child With the end of the year fast approaching, there is so much to be thankful for. The warm weather is here and with it, longer days and balmy nights. It means more time together, the chance to reflect on a year full of growth and change, enjoy school holidays and of course, Christmas. As a child, I remember waiting with anticipation and excitement all year for Christmas to come. I love Christmas. From the parties at school to the family get togethers, there is always a joy that fills the air. As ...

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Community living: An innate need or a mere fad?

08 November, 2018

Community living: An innate need or a mere fad? These days new fads seem to spring up everywhere and are often promoted, mainly with gusto through social media, as being the latest ‘thing’. Community living is presently being plugged as the latest craze, to the extent that the wave promoting such a lifestyle gives the impression that it is rather fashionably fresh and contemporary, and never been done before. The context of community living I was recently watching a documentary on how in certain places in the world, in order to keep the cost of living down while enjoying the perks of inner ...

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Celebrating our students

31 August, 2018

Schools have traditionally celebrated successful people – often we think it’s only the people with the highest grades, the most creative, most athletic, best leader - but we often miss the whole point of why we celebrate these things. It’s not necessarily because our students are born geniuses, don’t get me wrong – you’re all great, but possibly it’s more about how hard you work, mastery of learning and maybe for some it’s about the engagement with routine and repetitive practice. And then of course there’s the tough one: maybe it’s because you made enough good mistakes along the way to ...

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Why a Christian school? Christian Teachers.

16 August, 2018

Christian Schools can be a huge investment for families, so how can we be confident in our decision to send our child to one? As a parent, I have personally chosen to send my children to a Christian School – but the reasons for my decision are not necessarily part of the commonplace conversation among most of the parent community. My hope as a parent is that my children will be cared for holistically. I want someone to see my child as more than just “another” student. I did not raise an institutional “number” to be graded by an academic “letter.” I ...

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8 Easy steps to a growth mindset!

01 August, 2018

If you have read previous blogs on our webpage you would have heard of fixed and growth mindsets from Luke Smith, Senior School Psychologist. The impact of having a growth mindset has been studied by many different researchers around the world. The overwhelming majority of these have found that having a growth mindset is linked with receiving better grades. What is a growth mindset and why is it important in an education setting?   Growth mindset vs fixed mindset A growth mindset is when we truly believe that our understanding and abilities can be continually developed. People with a growth mindset believe that ...

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Six ways to maximise the benefits of homework

28 June, 2018

As a teacher (of over 30 years) and a parent (for nearly 17) I have spent a lot of time setting, supervising, helping with and marking homework of varied types. I’m sure we have all groaned at the ‘project’ coming home and no doubt I am not the only person who has made last minute dashes to Spotlight or Officeworks for card, glue, paper and other ‘stuff’ my children have deemed absolutely crucial to the task at hand! There have been times I have questioned the validity of some tasks and others when I have been able to see immediately ...

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3 ways to blitz your study

14 June, 2018

3 ways to blitz your study With Lower School assessment week around the corner, and our Upper School students completing their first set of exams for the year, everyone’s talking about study strategies. A common comment I hear from students and parents alike is “I don’t know where to start” or “none of my studying is sticking”. Some students might even say they are bad at studying. I don’t believe this - studying is a skill that can be learned, but like any skill it will take practice. We don’t always enjoy the early stages of learning a skill, when everything ...

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Parent involvement at school benefits their children!

31 May, 2018

Parent involvement at school benefits their children! In today’s world when often both parents work and the demands on their time are increasing, it can be difficult to be actively involved in their child’s education. However the reality at Mandurah Baptist College is that we are actually blessed by a great parent community who regularly get involved in their child’s education. Here are some of the positive outcomes researchers have found are encouraged when parents take an active interest in their child’s school and education. Involvement fosters academic achievement: Countless studies have found that students perform better in school when their parents are ...

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4 ways to stay relevant with your child

17 May, 2018

4 ways to stay relevant with your child As parents we are always looking for ways to pass on principles and values that we see as important to be a good citizen as well as achieving success in life. But how do you pass on these principles to Millennials and those in Gen Z, whose world is so different to the world that we grew up in? Tim Elmore in his article, ‘Leading the next generation,’ has a couple of suggestions. You can read his full article on: https://growingleaders.com/blog/seven-ways-remain-relevant-child/ Tim suggests that we’ve got to find ways to communicate in a language our children understand. If ...

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