Every student is supported
on their learning journey

Welcome to Mandurah Baptist College

Established in 2005, Mandurah Baptist College is an Independent Kindergarten to Year 12, co-educational school. We pride ourselves on creating a safe and caring environment where all students are supported to achieve and thrive with our exceptional education program. The College works to provide opportunities for all students to learn beyond the standard curriculum, based on each of their individual needs. This includes extension and support and enrichment classes and extra-curricular clubs just to name a few. For more information, click the Learn More button below

MBC delivers opportunities
beyond the standard curriculum

“A College with a Heart. A heart for learning, a heart for excellence, a heart for compassion, a heart for family, a heart for community and a heart for God.”
Pastor Suresh Murthy, 1Church

Christian values live at the heart of our vibrant community

“Mandurah Baptist College focuses on providing diverse opportunities, so each student can find their particular outlet, enabling them to show their strengths and abilities.”
Mr Garry Maynard, past staff member, parent,
Principal of Cornerstone Christian College