Every student is supported on their learning journey

Mandurah Baptist College
A welcoming and caring community
A Mandurah Baptist College Education
A range of learning opportunities and options available from Kindergarten to Year 12
Primary School

Throughout their Primary School years, our students are able to discover and develop their skills and talents through a range of learning opportunities. These include a comprehensive academic and specialist curriculum, individual and small group literacy and numeracy support and enrichment programs, music tuition, extra-curricular activities, physical education, inter school sport programs, school clubs and much more.

Secondary School

Welcome to Mandurah Baptist College Secondary School, a thriving, safe and welcoming educational community that seeks to help every student discover and develop their individual skills, strengths and talents to achieve as they learn and grow as part of a supportive community. Through a comprehensive and contemporary curriculum that encourages students to be aspirational, to engage in learning and community and to challenge themselves daily, Mandurah Baptist College Secondary School seeks to prepare students for the opportunities of the future.

Extra Curricular

Mandurah Baptist College has an extensive array of extra-curricular options and activities on offer to compliment learning, as well as develop ‘life-ready’ skills in a safe and nurturing environment.

Pastoral Care

Our Pastoral Care program is based around five key pillars. Christ, College, Community, Character and Classroom. Our Christian faith and values inform our belief in the potential of all students and fuel our caring College community, which we are renowned for.

Welcome to Mandurah Baptist College

Established in 2005, Mandurah Baptist College is an Independent Kindergarten to Year 12, co-educational school. We pride ourselves on creating a safe and caring environment where all students are supported to achieve and thrive with our exceptional education program. The College works to provide opportunities for all students to learn beyond the standard curriculum, based on each of their individual needs. This includes extension and support and enrichment classes and extra-curricular clubs just to name a few.