Dear Parents/Guardians, 

In an update at 11.00am this morning, Premier Mark McGowan announced that WA recorded no further cases overnight. WA is still in a four-day lockdown, set to finish Saturday 12.01am. At this stage, schools will remain open, and learning will continue on site.   

Unfortunately, no visitors are permitted on site this week. The College grounds and sports centre are unable to be accessed by sporting groups after school hours due to the lockdown arrangements. 

Whilst the government has advised schools to remain open, we understand that some families may not be comfortable to send their child to school. If you are planning on keeping your child at home from tomorrow, please remember to let the College attendance team know via 

Primary School  

School Pickup/drop-off – a reminder that parents/guardians can only come onto the College grounds to pick-up and drop-off their children. Parents/guardians are encouraged where possible to use the kiss and drop drive through. 

Meetings – All forms of meetings with teachers are cancelled this week and will occur by phone or early next term.  

Secondary School 

The College extends thanks to all staff, parents and students who wore their masks on site, and we appreciate your patience and diligence in doing so. We ask that parents continue to encourage your child/ren to listen to instructions from teaching staff and to adhere to physical distancing and mask wearing requirements. Secondary students who continually fail to wear their mask as required will be followed up and/or a call may be made to discuss their capacity to work on site this week. This is one of those occasions where we all need to work together to ensure safety for our community. 


Given the extensive media coverage about all things COVID-19, some children are already aware of the continued impact of the virus and will pick up on the concerns and anxiety of others. This could be through listening to and observing what is happening online, at home and school. 

To support Mandurah Baptist College students and families, please remember that our support team across the college are available: 

As our government continue to provide updates in the coming days, we will continue to act on their advice taking necessary action as advised.  We invite you to use the email address set up for the College on if you have any further questions or concerns. 

Please remember that all of the updates we have sent you so far are available to read via our News page on our website, accessible by clicking here. 

Kind regards, 

Rob Gratton & Tracy Holmes  Principals – Mandurah Baptist College