PO Box 4116
Mandurah North WA 6210

Primary School - 08 9583 7070

Senior School - 08 9583 7000

Primary School Resources


A uniform embodies the spirit, pride and values of a school and as such, a high standard of personal presentation is expected of all Mandurah Baptist College students.

The College has established a uniform policy which serves to:

  • Foster and enhance perceptions of the College within the wider community.
  • Enhance morale, team spirit and pride in the College.
  • Ensure students are safely dressed for College activities.
  • Encourage equity among students, reducing rivalry.
  • Identify non-College children on-campus.

Kindy & Pre-Primary Uniform Policy

Primary School Uniform Policy

Students are expected to be in full school uniform from the time they leave home in the morning until they reach home again in the afternoon. Students are not to arrive at school or leave from school in sport uniform.

Uniform Shop Opening Hours

Tuesday to Thursday: 8.30am-3.30pm and closed between 12-1pm

Location: Car Park between Primary School and Secondary School.

Students can visit the uniform shop before school, during their recess or lunchtime or after school. Visits during class time are not permitted.

Please direct all Uniform Shop enquiries to 08 9583 7004