Pastoral Care at Mandurah Baptist College is woven into all aspects of our students’ day-to-day experiences.

Our Pastoral Care program is based around 5 key pillars. Christ, College, Community, Character and Classroom. Our Christian faith and values inform our belief in the potential of all students and fuel our caring College community, which we are renowned for.

Our Pastoral Care program and consistently enforced high standards of student behaviour, collectively provide a positive, safe learning environment where students can thrive.

At the heart of the College’s Pastoral Care program are the core values of Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, Perseverance, Compassion, Justice, Self-Discipline, Integrity and Tolerance, which combine to create a framework for our students to discover and develop their individual skills, strengths and talents to achieve their personal best and beyond.

Features of Pastoral Care at Mandurah Baptist College include:

    • Individual student attention. Teachers are aware of students’ individual learning needs, helping to optimise their development.


    • All students and staff have the right to feel comfortable and safe at school.


    • Clear and comprehensive behaviour management.


    • Caring and supportive teachers and other staff members who make the well-being of students a priority.


    • A focus on building and maintaining positive relationships amongst all College community members.


    • Buddy class relationships (Kindergarten to Year 6).


    • The “You Can Do It” well-being and resilience program.


    • Protective Behaviour education that flows through the Health, Christian Education, and Pastoral Care curriculum, including the Holding Hands curriculum.


    • Upholding the College values in our daily interactions and relationships.


    • Primary School Chaplains, Councillors and College Psychologists who are available to support students in all areas of their lives and school experiences, be they concerns or celebrations.


    • Pastoral Care is embedded in our culture and College community. Below are some examples of Pastoral Care in action:


A Friendly Schools plus anti bullying school,  peer mentoring programs, school wide lunchtime activities and College Psychologists and Chaplains.

Links with local churches, regular guest speakers, a thriving Christian Education program, staff and student prayer groups and a student worship band.

The Red Cross blood donation program, World Vision sponsor children, community fundraising programs, tree planting activities, a community sustainable garden and an involved Parents and Friends group that regularly input into College life.

Social skills education programs and clear leadership pathways for students in both the Primary and Secondary schools.

Engaging programs and learning, incursions and excursions, a staff focus on positive and professional relationships with students and a safe and friendly environment to learn in.

​Mandurah Baptist College Primary School is committed to the protection of all children from all forms of child abuse and demonstrates this commitment through the implementation of a comprehensive Child Protection Program designed to keep children safe. This includes a child safe culture, the Keeping Safe Child Protection Curriculum, clear expectations in our Codes of Conduct and thorough and systematic education about protective behaviours and personal safety.

Protective Behaviours overview can be found here

Early Years Protective Behaviours Curriculum can be found here.

Years 3-5 Protective Behaviours Curriculum can be found here.

Year 6 Protective Behaviours Curriculum can be found here.

For a selection of relevant support agencies in the community, please click here.

The Primary and Secondary School Chaplains and our College Psychologists are available to support students in all areas of their lives and school experiences.

Primary School Chaplain:

  • Mark Fulwood e: p: (08) 9583 7070

Senior School Chaplain:

  • Joanna Curtis e: p: (08) 9583 7000
  • Chris Greene e: p: (08) 9583 7000