Monday 8 February

Dear Parents/Guardians, 

It was fantastic to welcome our staff and students back today, all of which were in such high spirits to be back on site. Thank you to those families who made the extra effort to get your children here early, wearing a mask (if in High School) and ready for an exciting term.  

We will continue to update families at 4.00pm daily for at least this week, while we ease into our new protocols. 

We strongly encourage you to download the SafeWA app as we will be asking parents and visitors to sign in if coming onto school grounds. A sign in register will be available for those who do not have access to a device. 

Visitors and parents on site will need to be wearing a mask. The mandatory mask rule will apply to all school staff and secondary students. Masks are not required for primary school students. Please note, our preference is that any payments made to the College are done so via phone for the next week to avoid overcrowding in the office space. 


For the College to comply with the post-lockdown transition period for Perth and Peel, the following adjustments to the Term One calendar will take effect from this week: 

  • The MBC Playgroup – planned to launch this Friday, will be postponed until further notice. 
  • Storytime and Play – (Weeks 2 to 10 of term in the library) will be postponed until further notice. 
  • Parent Information Evenings – (scheduled for Week 3) will not occur on-site, however teaching staff will communicate important information about their class, directly to parents/guardians via video or an emailed booklet.  
  • Assemblies – will be postponed until further notice.  
  • Parent Help in Classrooms– is on-hold until further notice. 
  • Before and After School Clubs – are on-hold until further notice.  
  • Individual parent meetings – can be held, after school only, in the teacher’s classroom.  Please ensure you wear a mask if meeting with a teacher.  

Please note, Primary School parents are not permitted to walk through the Senior School during drop off and pick up times.  Please enter and exit through the designated gates.  


We commend the Senior School students for their positive return this morning. It was wonderful to see our Year 12 Leaders and the Student Mentors welcoming people into the community and assisting those who needed a bit of assistance. Well done Year 7s and new Year 8-12s handling a really unusual start to being in a new school! 

Thank you parents too for the wonderful way in which everyone managed the traffic – even one of the Council traffic wardens mentioned how well it all went. Again, we encourage all drivers to stagger arrivals/departures, or make a meeting spot outside of the College grounds. 

As our government action their emergency response systems in the coming weeks, we will continue to act on their advice taking necessary action as advised. We will ensure to keep families updated daily at 4.00pm as per our regular COVID updates.  

Please remember that all the updates we have sent you so far are available to read via our News page on our website, accessible by clicking here 

Kind regards, 

Rob Gratton & Tracy Holmes 

Principals – Mandurah Baptist College 

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