Monday 26 April

Dear Parents/Guardians, 

Premier Mark McGowan has today announced that as of midnight tonight (Monday 26 April) the lockdown for the Perth metropolitan area and the Peel region will end. However, Mr McGowan has stated that a range of interim restrictions will remain in place as part of a stepped-down approach.  

The interim restrictions will be in place for the next four days – specifically from 12.01am Tuesday 27 April, through to 12.01am on Saturday 1 May: 

  • From tomorrow, people in the Perth and Peel regions will be free to leave their homes. 
  • Masks will remain mandatory, as they are now, both indoors and outdoors, and on public transport. As they are now, masks are not required for primary school children or younger, for vigorous outdoor exercise and for people exempt, including those with certain disabilities. 
  • The ‘stay at home’ order will be revoked – people can return to work unless they can work from home or they are in a vulnerable category. 
  • All schools will resume, but all staff and students at secondary schools will be required to wear a mask. Primary school students will not be required to wear a masks. Teaching staff at both primary and secondary schools are permitted to remove their mask while teaching.   
  • TAFE can open, just like schools. Universities are open but only for online learning.  
  • From tomorrow, there will be a 20-person limit in all homes, and private indoor and outdoor gatherings.  
  • The 4 square metre capacity rule will be in place for this period only, with a limit of 20 patrons, not including staff. As in the past, the workplace, schools and public transport are exempt from the 4 square metre rule.  
  • Community sport and training can proceed with players and officials, but no spectators.  

For further information on the above, please visit to find more information. 

At this stage, parents are not allowed on site. If you do need to visit the office, please note that there is a maximum occupancy of four people allowed inside at any given time.  

We strongly encourage you to download the SafeWA app as we will be asking parents and visitors to sign in if coming onto school grounds. A sign in register will be available for those who do not have access to a device.  

Visitors and parents on site will need to be wearing a mask. Please note, our preference is that any payments made to the College are done so via phone for the next week to avoid overcrowding in the office space.   

The College has a fantastic team of cleaners who will be in over the weekend to ensure the school has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized ready for day one. In line with hygiene requirements, please make sure your child brings their own water bottle to school each day.   

The College Uniform Shop will be open next week and will adhere to the above guidelines.   


We have managed, via the Association of Independent Schools WA, to secure masks for every Secondary student. These can be collected from the College staff.  

On days, that Secondary students have Physical Education they may wear their sports uniform to school during this week. 

Year 11 Camp 

Year 11 Camps will proceed and an update is being sent directly to families. 


Given the extensive media coverage about all thing’s Coronavirus, some children are already aware of the impact of the virus and will pick up on the concerns and anxiety of others. This could be through listening to and observing what is happening online, at home and school. 

To support Mandurah Baptist College students and families, please remember that our support team across the college are available: 

As our government action their emergency response systems in the coming weeks, we will continue to act on their advice taking necessary action as advised.  We invite you to use the email address set up for the College on if you have any further questions or concerns.  

Please remember that all of the updates we have sent you so far are available to read via our News page on our website, accessible by clicking here.

Kind regards, 

Rob Gratton & Tracy Holmes Principals – Mandurah Baptist College 

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