Monday 16 November

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As of Saturday, Western Australia’s new controlled interstate border has come into effect. Under this system, travel from ‘very low risk’ states and territories will be permitted, with conditions on arrival including declarations, health screening and possible COVID-19 testing. These jurisdictions currently include Tasmania, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory because they have had no community cases for more than 28 days.

Travel from ‘low risk’ states and territories also permitted, with similar conditions on arrival, in addition to 14 days of self-quarantine and a mandatory Day 11 COVID-19 test. These jurisdictions currently include New South Wales and Victoria because they have less than five community cases per day on a 14-day rolling average. Due to the evolving situation in South Australia, it has also been added to this list of jurisdictions.

Parent Connect Seminar – Sexualisation, Pornography and Sex

This seminar is relevant to all parents. For those with children of primary age, there are already relevant influences to consider and protective actions you might take, and it’s an opportunity to think about how you might navigate supporting your child in the years ahead. For those with high school aged children, regardless of your own child’s circumstances, it’s a highly relevant context to be aware of and able to support your child with. As a sensitive topic, we appreciate that it probably isn’t the most comfortable topic for a parent night, and some of the content may be confronting. We do believe it is relevant and important though, and hope the evening will also offer some encouragement and cause for optimism.  

  • Date: Monday 16 November
  • Location: Senior School Staff Room
  • Time: 6.00 – 8.00pm
  • Presenter: Senior School Psychologist, Luke Smith

Find more information and register for free via this link

2021 Booklists

Booklists for 2021 are now available to view on the College website,

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As a gentle reminder, if at any stage someone in your household has travelled interstate and is returning, we request students to remain at home if self-isolation is required for an immediate family member and it is being done at the home residence.

Please remember that all of the updates we have sent you so far are available to read via our News page on our website, accessible by clicking here

Kind regards,

Rob Gratton 

Principal – Primary School 

Matt Dusci 

Acting Principal – Senior School