Dear Parents/Guardians, 

Since our update to you yesterday afternoon, the College has now received the updated School Operating Guidelines from the Department of Education through AISWA.  

The Guidelines emphasise that keeping our schools open and providing face-to-face learning to students is important to their learning, social and emotional development, and physical and mental wellbeing.  

As expected, they also confirm the following information sent yesterday –  

  • masks no longer mandatory at school except for in specific settings and circumstances. Masks are encouraged for staff and students (Year 7 and above) where physical distancing is not possible. 
  • density and capacity limits no longer apply to school activities  
  • asymptomatic close contacts are no longer required to isolate and may attend school, provided that they are asymptomatic, do a daily Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) and receive a negative result each day to attend school. Students in Years 7 and above must also wear a mask at school and when travelling on public transport or ride-share. For students in Primary School attending school as a close contact, mask wearing is highly recommended and encouraged in students from Years 3 to 6, and may be appropriate for students younger than this, if deemed so by their families 


We would continue to strongly encourage students to wear masks where practicable and do remind all members of our community to observe hygiene practices such as washing/sanitising hands, staying at home when sick, avoiding unnecessary physical contact and greetings, covering mouth and nose when sneezing and coughing etc. 

Additionally, the School Operating Guidelines indicate that all school activities can resume, including assemblies, before and after school clubs, incursions and excursions, face-to-face parent meetings (including P&F) and parent help in classrooms and at events. 

We will continue to follow COVID-19 safe measures as a College: 

  • all staff and regular workers (including regular volunteers) at school are double dose vaccinated (third dose vaccinated within one month of being eligible). Please note that parents/carers who are regular volunteers at the College, more than once a week, must also be vaccinated in line with this requirement 
  • adequate ventilation in each classroom, in line with health advice 
  • enhanced cleaning remains in place. 


The College has also been informed that a supply of RATs will be provided to the College to distribute to students for use in testing. We will communicate a distribution plan once we receive further information about this supply. 

As a reminder, please note that if students do isolate during their close contact period, they will be supplied with At Home Learning materials (Primary) or have access to the Hybrid Remote Learning resources (Senior School). 

If your child is deemed a close contact, please email to inform the College so that we are aware. Please indicate in this email if your child will be attending school (according to the guidelines above) or will be isolating at home. Should your child test positive, please email to inform the College. 

For more COVID resources and reminders, please see the COVID-19 Resources page on the College website. 



Since our COVID Case Update at the end of last term, the following new cases have been reported. Please be aware that these numbers include all of the school holiday break. Thank you to parents and guardians who continued to report throughout this time. 

Kindergarten – 3  

Pre-Primary – 3  

Year 1 – 4  

Year 2 – 3  

Year 3 – 4  

Year 4 – 1   

Year 5 – 7  

Year 6 – 5  

Year 7 – 2  

Year 8 – 6  

Year 9 – 11  

Year 10 – 3  

Year 11 – 6  

Year 12 – 0  


Kind regards,  

Rob Gratton and Matt Dusci 

Principals – Mandurah Baptist College