Dear Parents/Guardians, 

Please find below our weekly COVID Update, detailing new COVID-related information as well as a COVID case update for this week. 

This week has seen a significant increase in case numbers at the College, reflective of the surge in numbers across the State. The College continues to implement advice and direction from the Department of Education, the Department of Health and the Association of Independent Schools. We do understand that this is a complex time for many families, please feel free to reach out to the College if you need advice or assistance. 

This term we will be providing a weekly COVID Update sent out to all families K-12. Parents/guardians will also be informed throughout the week if there has been a positive case who has been at school during their infectious period in their class (Primary School) or year (Senior School). 

Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) for Students 

Our supply of Rapid Antigen Tests for students from the WA Government has been delivered this morning and are currently being prepared for distribution,  

For students in the Primary School, RATs are unable to be distributed directly to Primary School children, and must be collected by parents or older, high school aged siblings, as such, instructions on how the Primary School will distribute these RATs will be emailed out on Monday 16 May.  

For students in the Senior School RATs will be distributed on Monday afternoon. Students will be returning to their Pastoral Care classes at the end of the day, where they will receive their box of RATs directly, which they can then take straight home. 

For Senior School students who are absent Monday, RATs will be able to be collected from Student Services from Tuesday afternoon. RATs will only be able to be collected at the end of the school day. 


As a reminder, please note that if students do isolate during their close contact period, they will be supplied with At Home Learning materials (Primary) or have access to the Hybrid Remote Learning resources (Senior School).

If your child is deemed a close contact, please email to inform the College so that we are aware. Please indicate in this email if your child will be attending school or will be isolating at home. Should your child test positive, please email to inform the College. 

For more COVID resources and reminders, please see the COVID-19 Resources page on the College website. 

Masks on Buses 

Please be reminded that students in Senior School (from Year 7) are required to wear a mask on public transport and when using College bus transportation during the day. If parents/guardians could please ensure that students are carrying spare masks in their bags, this will help for those times when students forget to bring a mask to wear on the bus. 


Since our COVID Case Update at the end of last week, the following new cases have been reported.  

Kindergarten – 7 

Pre-Primary – 5 

Year 1 – 22 

Year 2 – 6 

Year 3 – 13 

Year 4 – 16 

Year 5 – 11 

Year 6 – 14 

Year 7 – 2 

Year 8 – 17 

Year 9 – 10 

Year 10 – 9 

Year 11 – 4 

Year 12 – 6 

Kind regards,  

Rob Gratton and Matt Dusci  Principals – Mandurah Baptist College