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4 ways to stay relevant with your child

17 May, 2018

4 ways to stay relevant with your child As parents we are always looking for ways to pass on principles and values that we see as important to be a good citizen as well as achieving success in life. But how do you pass on these principles to Millennials and those in Gen Z, whose world is so different to the world that we grew up in? Tim Elmore in his article, ‘Leading the next generation,’ has a couple of suggestions. You can read his full article on: https://growingleaders.com/blog/seven-ways-remain-relevant-child/ Tim suggests that we’ve got to find ways to communicate in a language our children understand. If ...

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Nicer, funner, safer – 5 parenting tips for making life with teens better

12 April, 2018
Nicer, funner, safer – 5 parenting tips for making life with teens better

Nicer, funner, safer – 5 parenting tips for making life with teens better If you’d like to: communicate better with your teenager, get along with them better, keep them a little safer, have a better idea of how they’re really travelling with their mental health (or sexual health), find parenting a little less painful and a little more rewarding. You absolutely can. You can improve things, with or without their co-operation. You’re not powerless, even if it feels like it sometimes. And once you get things moving in the right direction, it’s quite likely they’ll end up contributing to the cause even if ...

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Building your child’s emotional intelligence

16 March, 2018

Emotional intelligence, it’s a term that’s thrown around a lot these days. It has even been identified as being more important than academic intelligence in predicting success in life. So what is emotional intelligence? It can be defined as a person’s ability to identify, evaluate, control and express their emotions, and it’s something that can be learnt! The good news is that parents are their children’s most important teachers and role models, but that’s also the bad news! Parenting is a big responsibility, and sometimes our own upbringing did not prepare us to adequately equip our children with the skills they ...

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It’s A New School Year – Now What??

14 February, 2018

The new year has begun! It's an exciting time as students head back to school – there is a lot of promise and potential in the air. It's a time when there are new classes, new teachers and new opportunities, but it's also a time when many parents wonder what they can do to help ensure that the year ahead is as successful as it can be. Research has shown that parental interest and involvement in a child's education has a correlation to student engagement and achievement, so being interested and getting involved are great things to do. Of course, balancing ...

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