The Arts at Mandurah Baptist College encourages independent thinking, builds confidence and resilience. Therefore students are encouraged to explore their creative ideas across both the visual and performing arts. They are supported to develop their creative talents into tangible excellence.

Our expert teaching staff are devoted to providing a learning environment where students can thrive. Their passion lies in providing students with endless opportunities to challenge themselves creatively. Moreover by supporting and encouraging their growth within their chosen field.

Mandurah Baptist College are in the spotlight as one of the top performing visual art schools in Western Austalia. Not only do the students perform extremely well in their WACE exams, some students had an artwork selected for exhibition at the Art Gallery of WA. 

In 2019 an American artist, Joby Harris, who is currently employed by NASA as a visual strategist, visited our college. Joby was explaining some of the unexpected directions that studies in the Visual Arts can take you. Some of her previous roles included designing parts of Tokyo Disneyland and sets for some high profile movies.

Students from Year 7 to 12 have produced some amazing quality work for our MMADD and Open Night events. It ranges from drawings, paintings in a range of different styles, sculptures made from clay or recycled materials, printmaking, stencil art and more. Not only do students produce great practical work, but they have also been learning how visual language is manipulated to create a variety of responses. Similarly art can both reflect and enrich the society from which it comes.

Mandurah Baptist College is a place where arts students can shine. This is a statement which has been born out in some of the excellent results attained by past students.

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Arts at Mandurah Baptist College
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